In 1993, it was identified that the socio-economic conditions of people of urban area of the northern region of Bangladesh like Dinajpur district were very deplorable. Acute poverty, diseases, malnutrition, illiteracy, unemployment, less accountability of the administration and irresponsibility of the local leaders were the common apprehension of life in the area due to lack of low literacy rate, consciousness and less adaptation of modern technology. Especially vulnerable group like children, women, older people and ethnic groups even general people were severely exploited, oppressed and deprived in the society.The Government service providers, local government institution like Union parisad and other institutions are less responsible on their accountability and transparency. Both vulnerable and general people always seek cooperation and services to their wellbeing from the government service provider, local government and local leaders. They are reluctant and less transparent on their services for the general people. Their less accountability and transparency on their service may intimidation to the vulnerable groups such as older people, widow, disables are mostly deprived from these service sectors and lead their life in more awful. Read More